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Prevention Is the Key; Car Racing Protective Equipment

All of us at some or the other points in our lives have had an accident. Some small, while others life threating, no matter what the magnitude of the fall is, it is never a good feeling to see blood encased mangled hands or a broken jaw. To avoid such instances, protective gear and equipment are of paramount importance in any adventure sport. The amount of risk involved in automobile racing is enough to make driver’s safety the most important factor in the sport.

If we turn the pages of history, we will come across some of the greatest losses that the human race has incurred are on the racing circuits. The main reason for the high number of falls and accidents on the tracks is the speed and nature of the sport. Cars dashing at whooping speeds will naturally cause a far greater magnitude of destruction than any common road accident. This does not mean that you do not require safety in your day-to-day life but the amount needed in the sport is definitely much more. Some of the mandatory safety practices and protective gears are discussed as under.

Before we start with the various steps and techniques that help evade mishaps on the circuits, it is ideal to talk about the common ways in which a driver is most likely to get hurt. First and foremost, it is the negligence and incoherence of the driver that cause 95% of all the accidents on the circuits. Thinking about anything else other than the tracks or your car may prove to be fatal in a race. Therefore, be as clam as you can and pay the utmost attention to the race. Faulty turns and skids are very common causes and prove the most dangerous due to the screeching speeds of the vehicles. Another major reason that people die on the tracks is because of not putting on protective gear.

Coming to the important things that you must include at all costs are as follows. A good quality fireproof driver’s suit is of paramount importance. What you wear in your car pretty much decides your fate in case you encounter with an accident. Fires are not rare in the sport and a fire-refracting suit helps you evade any major burns while you are struck in the car. While talking about safety, how can anyone miss the most vulnerable part of our body, the head? Helmets are univocally the most important piece of protection a racer wears as it protects your head from the severe jerks and blows during a crash. In addition, it prevents and splinters or rubble to enter your cranium. A good quality helmet covering your entire head is necessary before you set foot out on the tracks. Goggles are another important aspect and protect your vital eyes. One of the latest additions to the safety manual is a HANS device. These are the head and neck safety paddings that secure your head when in the car and prevent a fracture in case of a crash. Strapping your body with safety belts is of a great importance and seat belts of a good grip are essential in the sport.

Remember that your life is very precious and it is worth all that extra effort to protect it.

Tips That Can Make You a Pro in Car Racing Events

In this world of risks and possibilities, living at the edge is what is we want. The adrenalin junkies would agree to the fact that it is never a wrong decision to let loose and get a feel of rush right in the comfort of your home. Adventure sports have always been one of the most sought after recreations and whether you choose to be in the act or witness it, the sound of engines zip passing is always breath taking.

Car racing or auto racing as we see it today has a long history and started in 1887 in a two kilometer motor race between Neuilly Bridge to the Bois de Boulogne. Although it had a very humble beginning, the popularity and fame of the sport grew at rates unimaginable and soon it became the heartthrob of the entire world. This craze is ever on the hike as more and more people wish to improvise their skills and make it to the world racing circuits. Given below are some of the key mantras to be an aced racer.

Skills are definitely one of the most important attributes that can sail you through. While some people are born with the racing instinct, not everyone is blessed with these innate talents. For the ones who wish to strife and make it large on the racing front, the good news is that there is a set of skills and tricks, which if you are proficient in can be your shining star.

To start with, the most important trick that any racer would swear by is hard work and sheer concentration. I know this does not even sound like a trick but whether or not you believe; if you are not focused and hardworking, nothing can help. Therefore, before you set out to be a racer, put your mind at peace and concentrate on nothing else but the track and your machine.

Coming to some of the most helpful tricks, drafting is on the top of the list. The concepts of aerodynamics play a key role in drafting where two or more cars trail behind each other to minimize the air resistance and increase the speed. In a draft, the car in the beginning of the trail and the ones following it are all benefitted as the tailing cars displace the air pressure causing the motion to speed up. On the other hand, the cars not in the draft face an increased air resistance and slow down substantially. Another form of drafting is ‘bump drafting’ and needs practice and carefulness to be an expert.

Next up is strategizing you pit stop. As the records say, many races are determined in the pits, it is very important to play your cards right while you stop for tires or fuel. Some racers decide to change just two tires that give them a clear upper hand over the ones who settle for all the four. Stopping just for fuel is also a trick that works many times. These decisions are subject to many factors and are best decided by the crew chief and the driver himself.

Swipe the World Over With These Cool Car Racing Costumes and Accessories

With the poker season just around the corner, all of us are counting the number of ways in which we can jazz things up and be the talk of the town. Whether or not we believe, we do spend a lot of our time and energy in planning for the occasions. While some of you might find it a little annoying to spend all those bucks on some party costume, it is no fable that some of the best trends are set in parties. Be it the Halloween or a graduation day party, dressing up right is very essential. Talking of trends, how can one ignore the super cool car racing costumes? It is univocally one of the most sought after themes and there is certainly no dearth of sexy costumes to fit the theme. Read along to get an insight on the various ways you can dress to kill!

Over all these years, car racing has been on the top of the list of favorites amongst men of all ages. Now, it would wrong to generalize the craze and restrict it only to the gender because more and more women are taking interest in the sport either to impress or due to genuine fondness for the sport. No matter what the driving force is, the fact that car racing costumes and accessories are the hot picks this season is cent percent true.

Inspired from the real heroes of the circuit, these costumes have some features in common. If we talk about the costumes for women, the list of accessories and dresses is practically endless. Some of the most popular dressing options include jumpsuits of varying lengths, narrow fit pantsuits, leather or biker style pleated mini skits and the quintessential zipper top. The last piece of ensemble is not only a trademark of the car racer look but also is very a versatile clothing piece and can be maneuvered to set the mood. If you like to spice things up a little, wear a matching under top and let the zip open or go naughty by showing the right amount of cleavage. The hot shot colors that fit the theme are the all-time favorites, black and red. Go for bold prints such as checks or patches or better still, personalize your costume with the logo of your favorite racer. It is your imagination that plays the trick. Feel free to mix and match items from your closet to create your own style statement. Guys out there, you can go for those junkyard designs and patterns and get them stitched on to your jumpsuits to make the perfect car racing driver costume. Do not forget to add the right pair of shades preferably the geek glasses and the ever so important, helmet to complete the look.

Just as clothes are important to aid the look, you can never go right without the correct accessories. One of the most useful add ons are tiny flag shafts that make your pit crew girl look complete. Get a little wayward and play with your smile to set the mood right and you are ready to zwwwoooosssshhhhhh!

Most Popular NASCAR Races of the Season

Just like basically everything there will be some varying opinions on what the most popular races are each year during the NASCAR betting season. One thing that is for certain is that each of these races deserves to be on this list. If you don’t follow NASCAR that much, but you’re interested in trying your luck at wagering on the sporting event then the below races are where you want to start.

All NASCAR Sprint Cup Races reward the drivers will the same amount of points. Although the drivers receive the same amount of points for every race there are certain races that hold more prestige then others. In the big races of the NASCAR season the drivers always put forth their best efforts and therefore it makes it much more exciting to bet on. The media also pays attention to certain races each season a lot more then others and it makes the drivers want to win those races even more.

Here is a list of some of the most popular races of the NASCAR season to wager on each season.

* The Daytona 500 is easily the most anticipated NASCAR race of the season and millions of dollars is wagered on this single race alone each year. The race is a total of 500 miles and every year there are some amazing finishes too watch. The Daytona 500 has a massive purse for the drivers which is another reason why the race is the most popular of the entire racing season.

* The Coca-Cola 600 is the longest race of the entire season and it also falls on the Memorial Day Weekend which is great for all NASCAR fans. Thousands of NASCAR fans from all over the country travel to North Carolina for a weekend of drinking beer and watching racing. If you can’t make it to the races then the next best thing is to relax with some friends while watching the race. If you’re feeling lucky then you’ll want to make sure you get your bets in for the race as well with your favourite poker and sportsbook site.

* The Brickyard 400 is one of the races each season that people just can’t wait to watch. This race offers the drivers a huge purse for finishing in the top positions and part of the reason is because the Brickyard 400 is the most attended NASCAR race of the season. With thousands upon thousands of people watching the race live you can only imagine how many people are sitting at home watching the race. The drivers all come out firing for this race and it’s definitely one of the most popular NASCAR races to bet on each year.

* The NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race isn’t even a race that rewards points during the Sprint Cup, but it’s definitely one of the most popular races of the year. The reason this race has become so popular is because it typically involves a lot of crazy driving with more then a few crashes. The winner of the race receives a $1 million prize while every other racer receives nothing. Since only first place wins money in the event and there are no points on the line it doesn’t matter if racers end up crashing and being eliminated from the race which is why they often drive crazy.

Understanding the Basics of the Formula 1 Race

The Formula One is one of the most anticipated sporting events in the year. Thousands of people from all over the world would be found either lining up to get into the racing track or watch the event at home on their television sets. There are now even different websites that provide live video streaming of the different Formula One races held each year so not only are you able to follow the races. You can also watch previous races to help you relive those favorite moments.

It is not only the race itself that makes watching and following the Formula One that makes it extremely exciting. The Formula One is one of the most preferred sports chosen by people to place their bets on to win huge profits. If you are planning to try your luck on betting on the Formula One, the first thing you would need to do is to understand the basics of the Formula One race.

Generally, there are 26 cars that are entered to join a particular Formula One race. However, only the top 18 of these 26 cars are allowed to compete on the race itself. To know which drivers would be competing, a qualifying race is scheduled prior to the actual race itself. Apart from determining who would go on to compete in the actual race, the qualifying race determines the placing of each of the cars on the starting grid. Those car drivers that have been clocked with the fastest speeds during the qualifying race make up the first 10 grids, while the slower car drivers are those that comprise the last 8 grids behind everyone else.

The actual race proper begins with what is called a warm up lap where each of the 18 competing drivers encircles the course without overtaking each other. The warm up lap is done in order for the teams to determine the overall performance of the car, as well as heating up the tires of the cars, providing it the needed traction to ensure that the cars would be able to handle the turns and curves the drivers need to negotiate at extremely high speeds. This is also called the formation lap because at the end of this lap, each of the competing drivers would then go to their designated grid position on the starting line.

A light system then begins the countdown and signals the start of the actual race. If for some reason that one or more of the cars fail to start, the entire race is halted. The cars are then asked to return to the starting grids. The car or cars that have failed to start are removed from their current position in the starting grid and are placed at the back of the grid, allowing the different cars move one position up.

In normal conditions, the winners are the first three cars that cross the finish line. However, in the event that the weather conditions make it dangerous to precede the race, the officials may choose to end the race prematurely. When this happens, the time and number of laps completed by each of the drivers are tallied to determine the winners of the said race.

Slow Playing on PokerStar

A lot of new players to Texas Holdem Poker and even players who have been playing for years don’t understand when they should slow play there opponents. There aren’t too many times you should really slow play your opponents because normally you could lose too draws and it could make your idea of slow playing your opponent backfire in your face.


Before the flop there really is no reason to slow play your opponents because any two cards could still win the hand. Even if you have pocket aces you could easily lose the hand to two pairs, straights and flushes. I always suggest that you raise the pot on www.PokerStar.it when you have a good hand so that you can get the bad hands out of the pot which limits the chances of being on the wrong side of a bad beat. You don’t need to raise the pot much, but when you have a good hand I would raise the pot at least 3X the big blind.

After the Flop

After the flop you might be able to find an opportunity to slow play your opponents depending on what you have. If you have the nuts then you’ll want to slow play down to the river to see if you can make your opponent bet into you. On the other hand if your hand isn’t that strong yet and you could still lose to a draw on the turn or river you need to think about betting. Slow playing only works on PokerStar when you have the nuts or close to the nuts and know you have your opponents beat. It’s hard to slow play two pairs on the flop because there could still be a straight or flush that could potentially hit.


On the turn you’re going to want to slow play if you still have close to the nuts even if your opponents didn’t bet the flop. If you have a pretty good hand like trips or two pairs and there is still no straight or flush then you could also choose the check the turn and hope the draw doesn’t hit. If the draw doesn’t hit on the river then you might be able to get your opponent to try and bet and steal the pot which is why you would slow play your two pairs or trips on the turn. This could also backfire though, because if the draw does hit and your opponent was on the draw you’re going to lose on the river.


You can’t slow play on the river at PokerStar.com anymore and you’re going to need to bet the pot if you think you have the best hand. If you couldn’t draw your opponent into betting the flop or turn then you probably won’t get them to bluff the river so you can’t continue slow playing. If they want to see your hand they will need to pay whatever you bet out.

Sometimes slow playing will pay off and you’ll make a lot of money from a player trying to steal the pot, but at the same time keep your eyes open for hands that can beat yours. Once draw start to appear on the board you might need to pull the string on slow playing and make a bet.

Playing High Suited Connectors

When a player picks up high cards that are both suited and connected, they often misinterpret the hand’s strength in cash games. High suited connectors like Ace-King or Ace-Queen gain worth from being able to hold up as top pair and also from their ability to cause other players to fold. When playing high suited connectors in cash games, it is important to play the hand properly so that one can capitalize on the profitable characteristics of their high, connecting cards.

Ace-King and Ace-Queen holds up much better against fewer opponents than it does in multi-way pots. Thus, a player holding large, connecting cards wants to mix it up against one or two opponents. A hand like Ace-King is more vulnerable when it is played against many opponents in a multi-way pot. When there are numerous players in the hand and the flop comes Ace-Jack-Eight, Ace-King is often the second best hand, as players often find themselves in reverse-dominated situations against hands like Ace-Eight or Ace-Jack. Additionally, players in multi-way pots are more likely to play a hand like ten-nine, which cause hands like Ace-King to become quite vulnerable if the board gets more coordinated later in the hand.

When a player picks up a large, connecting hand like A-K or A-Q, the player is best suited putting in a preflop raise to narrow down the field at playsolidpoker.com. The player should be prepared to put out a continuation bet on the flop regardless of how the board comes out. Sometimes, against few opponents the over cards will cause the opposing players to fold on the flop, while other times the player will get a call or two. If the board delivers over-cards on the flop, the player can slow down on the turn if it does not prove helpful or they can fire the second barrel if the most likely result will be that the opposing player or players fold. If the turn improves your hand, however, a player can continue betting on the turn in an effort to gain pot commitment.

When playing high connectors at your favorite poker on line website, it is important to consider how the preflop action went down. If a player limps with a hand like Ace-King and encounters four or five players on the flop, the player should only proceed with caution, as Ace-King does not hold up well against many opponents. When playing high suited cards in cash games, it is important to maximize value when the hand might be the best hand, while avoiding situations when Ace-King is likely to be costly. Raising before the flop will help a player narrow down the field when playing high, connecting cards so that they can fully take advantage of the most profitable characteristics of such a poker hand.

Playing Poker within your Means

Far too often, poker players play on Full Tilt outside of their means. In order for one to play smart, profitable poker – we are wise to play in a game in which we belong. One in which we can afford. With games of various levels all over the internet, it is not difficult to locate and select a poker game within the comfort of our

Choosing a Game within our Means

When selecting your FullTiltPoker game, you want to stay within your means. Choosing a game that is comfortable to play with respect to our bankroll is a prudent step in bankroll management. Because we want to be smart with our poker money, we shall choose a game that has limits within the means of our bankroll.

The limit of a game refers to the size of the bets allowed. A structured limit game will have bets the size of the big blind, so for example, the maximum bet in a 3-6 limit game is $6. Pot limit games will have a betting limit the size of the pot, and appropriately, no limit games are absent betting limits.

Your game selection on Titan Poker should be limited to a game that you have 300 times the size of the big blind in limit poker. This will ensure that you can withstand the variance of the game. For no limit and pot limit games, you should have a minimum of 20 to 25 times the maximum buy-in for that game. In a 1-2 no limit game, $200 is typically the maximum buy-in. You want to have $4000 in your poker bankroll dedicated to playing no limit Texas Hold ‘em.

In the event your Full Tilt download bankroll grows from $4000 to $10,000, you can feel free to move up and play a higher limit game. By the same token, should you take a beating, you would be wise to move down so that no one session or one bad run of cards puts your entire bankroll in jeopardy. The fact is, variance happens. We want to make sure that we are able to weather any storm that comes our way, and playing in the right game for our bankroll is key to ensuring disaster does not strike.

As your bankroll grows or shrinks, you can accordingly move up or down to play a game within the comfort level of your bankroll. By ensuring you are playing within your means, you will be able to enjoy the game of poker without risking going totally broke in one or two hands.

Make the Most of Blackjack Bonuses

Not everyone knows about how to make the most of blackjack bonuses. There are a number of online casinos that grant players “free money” when they join the casino gaming site.

A lot of these casinos provide bonuses as an incentive to join the casino and continue to play at that specific site. Some of these sites don’t pay the bonuses until the player has made up to 250 deposits, while others pay sooner; just be sure to read the provisions and prerequisites before joining the gaming site.

How to use the Bonuses

Most players have an incentive of “free money” when they sign up to play on the casino’s web site because the site offers bonuses as a greeting for new players. Blackjack is the game played more frequently than any other, and there are some warnings to players when they sign up for these bonuses. The bonus looks fantastic on the outside, but the issue is that the player has to win sufficient funds actually gambling before they can cash in the opening bonus. Be sure to verify the casino’s rules of getting the bonuses cashed without having to deposit a lot of money.

Among many gaming sites there are several types of bonuses, such as greeting bonuses in which the player has unlimited preliminary funds when the money is deposited at first and there are also ongoing rewards for any deposits made as they continue to gamble. There are also “instant incentive bonuses” that are added as soon as money is deposited.

To begin playing, the gambler must deposit funds to open a casino account, and in many of these the bonus received is the motivation to join and can be staked as soon as the deposit is made. Hint – find out how many deposits have to be made before the incentive bonus can be used or cashed in.

Some sites allow players to just play without depositing any money, fabulous for those not wanting to spend any money before joining the site – unfortunately players can’t win money without deposits.

Remember the Rule of Caveat Emptor

The Internet hosts thousands of online sites to play internet black jack, and the most imperative rule to remember is “let the buyer be cautious” before paying. Understand the “fine print” thoroughly! Some sites may offer a $700 gaming bonus, which sounds fantastic; unfortunately, the “beware” is the catch because the player has to bet the equivalent of 250 times the “bonus” before it can be cashed in. In order to get that $700 bonus when making a $25 initial wager, the player would actually have to wager $6250!

Be aware of termination timeframes on these “bonuses”. Many sites indicate that the bonus is “valid for 14 days” after the welcome bonus, meaning 250 deposits must be made before they can collect the bonus – that means the $6250 has to be deposited within two weeks to be collected.

In order to make the most of blackjack bonuses be aware of the “catches”, but enjoy playing because these bonuses can help get the game started.

Go Kart Racing

Go Kart Racing
Kart racing is done in small, four-wheeled vehicles that are open. Go Karts are similar to F1 racing cars, only that go karts are noticeably smaller and slower than F1 racing cars. Many famous and professional NASCAR or F1 drivers have started learning about their future careers through Go Karts because they give a useful insight about what racing is like.

There are many different and varying types of go karts, professional go karts, called Superkarts, can reach a mind blasting speed of a hundred and sixty miles per hour! What is peculiar about this is that Superkarts are very small and can travel at a very fast speed. On the other hand, go karts used by kids, called KF1, do not exceed a speed of fifteen miles per hour.

Kart racing has been considered as the most economic and efficient form of racing. It is very easy to master and go karts can be driven by any person above the age of eight years.

There are three typical race formats when it comes to go karts. The first of the formats is called the sprint format. Here, racing tracks range from about a quarter of a mile to a full mile. This racing format consists of several short races, and all of them take less than fifteen minutes to complete. Each driver participates in a certain number of races and gets points in every race based on his performance. The winner is later determined by the average of the points of players that they have gathered during the races.

The second racing format is the endurance format. Here, the time period taken to finish the races ranges from thirty minutes to approximately twenty four hours on special occasions. In this racing format, strategy has a lot more importance than speed. Endurance tracks are usually between one and a half miles, and four miles long. The most famous racer in this division is called Sebastian Bourdais.

The third and final racing format is the speedway format. Speed matters here since all racing is done on asphalt tracks that vary in length, and can range from 1/6s mile and ¼ miles. Tracks normally have four left turns and are usually oval. For short races, drivers have to complete four laps and the race ends, but in main events, drivers have to complete up to twenty laps sometimes.

International championships are held in six different categories: KF1, KF2, KF3, KZ1, KZ2, and Superkart. The current KF1 world champion is from France and is called Arnaud Kozlinski.

Drivers have to wear a full-face helmet, a driving suit, gloves, and driving boots for their safety. Superkart drivers have to wear leather overalls, which resemble those used in motorcycling. Many people assume that only children drive, but they are wrong. In fact, professional adult NASCAR and Formula 1 drivers still play with go karts every once in a while because it was the way they learned the first steps of driving. Plus, they do not cost a fortune!